• 6 ordinary classrooms of 65 square metres and 5 of 32 square metres, equipment, computers and overhead projector in all of them.
  • 5 computer classrooms of 65 square metres and 1 of 32 square metres.
  • A video conference room of 65 square metres.
  • 3 Ethazi classrooms of 65 square metres with configurable furniture, computer and overhead projector.
  • 15 workshops with their corresponding equipment according  to the different specialities  in the centre.
  • A chemistry laboratory of 130 square metres.
  • Outset of enterprises with 5 premises of 10 square metres each to locate them.
    Entrepreneurship Office (Urratsbat).
  • An assembly hall equipped with audiovisual media for 140 people.
  • A conference room of 60 square metres with 2 computers and two overhead projectors which can be split into two identical conference rooms.
  • An office for Orientation and Information.
  • Common areas such as study room, coexistence space.